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Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled And What You Can Do About It


Most of the problems encountered by iOS device users would relate to the Apple ID. If you have fallen for this blunder, then perhaps it is worthwhile to read further to learn more how to fix your device.

At times, when Apple has detected somebody to have entered your password, security questions, and other account information incorrectly for too many times, it automatically locks the account to protect its security. But this is not a pleasant experience to cherish.

Consequently, you will be notified that your Apple ID has been locked or disabled. So, you won’t be able to sign in and that becomes a hassle on your part. But, you can easily address this problem by unlocking your account using your existing password by going to You can also reset your password if you wish. However, your Apple ID will remain locked if you are unable to unlock your account for many unsuccessful attempts.

Take note that if you continue to make any more attempts without any progress, you will keep your account disabled and you will be allowed to try again the following day. However, when you are using a two-factor authentication, you have to give a trusted phone number and device to be able to unlock the Apple ID.

A recovery key can also be used to regain access to your account and unlock your Apple ID. You can also contact technical support from the official Apple website if you think that your problem remains. Just enter this link on your browser Then, you have to choose Apple ID, the select Disabled Apple ID.

You will be able to set up a call with an employee from Apple and begin a chat session online. Likewise, you can email Apple support for that matter. Just take note that it can sometimes take a while before you can receive a reply, but you will certainly receive an answer nonetheless.