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VidMate – What is it all about?


The way people get their entertainment these days seems to be shifting away from the traditional DVD movies on their home TV, to watching movies on their mobile device. While movie rentals are going the way of the DoDo bird, new technologies are taking over and bringing your favorite movies to your Android smartphone.

Unfortunately, while there may be tens of thousands of movies on the Internet ready to be downloaded, the problem is there are hundreds and hundreds of movie hosting sites that have millions of movies titles, but who has the time to seek out the website and then have to search the website to find the right movie that you are wanting it.

What you need is a way to simplify the search process and make it much quicker and this where VidMate App for Android comes in. The app does all of the work, while you just sit back and wait for video choices to come to your phone.

VidMate App for Android

VidMate App for Android is a powerful, totally free app for the Android OS that puts millions of movie, TV shows and other types of videos that are hosted online at a tap of your finger. As easy as typical search engines like Google and Bing scour the Internet to find relevant web pages to match your search words (a.k.a, keywords), the VidMate App for Android makes it easier to find the downloadable videos you want to see.

The app does all the heavy lifting and brings the links to the numerous sources of the specific video that you are looking to download. By bringing all of the movie downloads to one place makes it so much easier for you. You are also able to choose which portal service that your movie download comes from, this makes it possible for you to decide which portal that you are comfortable with.

Key Features of VidMate App for Android

  • VidMate uses a unique process which increases download speeds
  • Allows you stop, cancel or pause the download if applicable
  • Supports the download of files over 1GB
  • Supports all of the most popular video formats MP4, FlV, MOV, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MPEG etc
  • Allows you to download multiple files simultaneously
  • All downloading of movies happen in the background as to allow you to do other things
  • Checks the level of storage available for holding downloads and will only list movies that will fit
  • Multilingual support is available
  • Music and sports videos are also available

Downloading and Installing of VidMate App for Android

Getting a hold of the free VidMate App for Android is very simple:

Step #1 Go to Google Play Store on your mobile device

Step #2 Search for Vidmate App for Android

Step #3 Tap on the Install button

Step #4 After the APK file is downloaded it will install

Step #5 After the install process you are ready to open it

Step #6 Input your search criteria and tap the search