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VidMate Full Version – Download and Install Now


There are a lot of streaming services out there but most of them don’t let you download videos directly to your device. Websites like YouTube allow you to download some videos for offline viewing purposes, but they don’t let you share them with your friends and eventually the downloaded videos time out.

It’s not just about videos, audio streaming services like SoundCloud don’t let you download music while other websites like Vimeo and DailyMotion don’t allow you to download any content.


An app that fixes all these problems and lets you download content from pretty much every streaming service out there. Whether it’s YouTube, DailyMotion, SoundCloud, Instagram, or more than a couple dozen other websites. VidMate lets you download videos and audio directly to your device.

The app lets you select the quality of the downloaded file, if the streaming service allows you to change between multiple quality settings, VidMate lets you grab the best one for later viewing. Whether it’s anime you want to download and watch later, or just some songs from YouTube and SoundCloud for your road trip, VidMate has your back.

When it comes to services that are not directly mentioned in the app, fear not. Because VidMate allows you to search through other video portals as well to find the content that’s perfect for you.

Using VidMate instead of YouTube’s “Download for Offline Viewing” feature.

There’s also a compelling argument for using VidMate over services like YouTube’s “Save for offline viewing” feature. Let’s go through all the problems with YouTube and SoundCloud’s local download features.

  • Firstly, not all videos are available for offline viewing in YouTube. Music can’t be downloaded, and some content creators disable the download feature for their own reasons.
  • If you download a video through the YouTube app, you can’t share it with your friends or transfer it to another device. This means you can’t watch it on a big screen or transfer it to your computer. SoundCloud also doesn’t let you share the saved songs with your friends, they would have to download the SoundCloud app and load the song directly from SoundCloud.
  • If the creator of the video or song decides to remove their content from the streaming service, you will lose access to it permanently. This is one of the most valid argument behind having a local copy of your favourite songs and videos.

VidMate fixes all these problems and supports all kinds of websites out there. Whether you’re interested in more mature content or just some light-hearted anime. VidMate lets you grab videos directly from the streaming services. It lets you save them permanently on your devices while also allowing you to share and transfer them to your friends.

At the end of the day, VidMate solves a problem that’s faced by people on limited data plans, letting you download videos when you have a WiFi connection and then being able to watch it while you’re outside and travelling. The app also lets you install other applications but it doesn’t support app updates right now, fortunately we have Google Play for that so there’s no worries.