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Learn How to Prevent Ransomware with These Useful Tips


Ransomware has become one of the most popular techniques used by hackers. If you are the victim of an attack like this, you may see yourself forced to pay the ransom in order to receive back your personal data. It is an unpleasant scenario so it is best that you learn how to protect your device against ransomware. While there are many tools that target these attacks, there isn’t one that is 100% safe, so you will have to protect your device on your own as well.

Disconnecting your device from the Internet can stop a ransomware attack

There may be a case when you feel that something is not right and you may suspect a ransomware attack. If this happens to you, you have to act quickly and the first thing that you should do is shutting off the internet. If the ransomware attack didn’t manage to take over your device yet, this will stop it as it won’t allow a connection with the control and command service.

Constantly back up your files

This is one of the oldest tips, but it is important. If you have files that you do not want to lose, especially important ones, you must create a copy for them. You can store them on flash devices or in the cloud and this way you can be sure that you will never lose them. Also, you can always modify the read & write permissions of your files so that no one can delete or change them.

Disable the AutoPlay feature

This feature can prove to be dangerous for your device since it allows media from external places to be launched immediately. In order to keep safe, you should deactivate the AutoPlay feature on your device.

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