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HTC U 11 Leaks Available with New Details


HTC U 11 is one of the next flagship phones that got everybody’s attention recently. Judging by some recent benchmarks that got published on Geekbench, it is going to be a handset to kill for once it gets unveiled on May 16.

Benchmark Specs

The device that got to light there is featured under the name HTC CBP and it obtained interesting scores: 1912 for a single core performance and 6137 for the multi-core one. These results place the phone on the same rank with the S8 and S8 Plus devices released by Samsung.

The posting has shown that it will run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, together with 4 GB RAM and the latest Android Nougat 7.1.1. All these specs seem to confirm all the rumors we have been recently hearing, so this is all the more reason to believe that this is indeed the HTC U 11.

New Features

HTC itself teased a new feature that they are going to implement for the HTC U 11. The new feature seems to be a new squeeze control, which allows you to hold the sides of your devices and gripthem in order to scroll through menus or to make selections. People also expect the company to make some significant improvements to the audio hardware that should be built in.

According to other rumors that are going around, the device will feature a 5.5 inches screen and perhaps we might even see a secondary display. In fact, the secondary display was also present on the HTC U Ultra device that was presented earlier this year. However, there are no details about these speculations on the Geekbench device log.

Even so, we know for sure that the team will need to bring something unique and impressive if they want to gain success with their new model.

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Misleading article title is misleading.

Nice clickbait title, asshat.

Austin the Dragonborn

“Bethesda has some games coming to E3 that are yet to be announced, Elder Scrolls 6 confirmed!!1!”

Please, stop. You’re polluting my feed and wasting my time. We don’t even know if Bethesda has even started the basic framework of a new TES game, let alone being able to announce it. We at this point know literally absolutely nothing about TES 6.

Austin the Dragonborn

Already done with Arena. Shoddy and low detail, but it was done. And they can’t make a fully detailed, Skyrim-level designed map of the entirety of Tamriel because that’s unrealistic.

I’d like Summerset Isle, myself. Siding with the Dominion or joining a reformist faction against the current one? Or Akavir. We’ve already seen Tamriel, exploring the continent of Akavir would be fun. Monkey people and ice demons sound fun to fight. And snake people that ate Dragons.


Could this headline be any more click-baity and flat out inaccurate? The article is simply the same old speculation everyone has.
I wish there was an easy way to punish websites that did this.


Just realized I can simply block you from my feed… Done.
And I suggest everyone else do the same


Batheda studios has already said that the next elder Scrolls game will not be announced for a while yet. At the same time, they claimed they are hoping to work on several new titles.
Very likely something new will be shown, not TES6


I just want it to be a big budget open world game, not one of their linear games. Maybe even the New Vegas equivalent for Fallout 4. The linear stuff like Evil Within are fun, but nothing I jump over joy about.