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GTA VI News: VR Options and a Female Protagonist to Appear


Rockstar Games haven’t even released their latest game “Red Dead Redemption 2” and fans still suspect that the developers are working on GTA VI in the meantime. Lately there’s been speculations according to which GTA VI will come with a feature such as VR – virtual reality – and a female protagonist.

GTA VI is quite a request from gamers around the world, but there is a great probability that it won’t get to appear too soon. Reasons are that Rockstar are going to first release “Red Dead Redemption 2” and the last GTA, “GTA V Online” is providing them with a lot of money. In the last case it wouldn’t be a good choice to promote a new game when the last one is still getting them money.

GTA VI VR Feature, Heroes and Antagonists, Locations and More

Until now Rockstar hasn’t said anything about a GTA VI but there are rumors around the internet that it might be released in 2020. These rumors are based on the fact that in 2020 new generation consoles will be released (Xbox Two and PlayStation 5). Until then the developers will be able to even create a VR feature.

Other rumors include a female antagonist that would be modeled after actress Eva Mendez and a male hero who will be modeled after actor Ryan Gosling.

The locations might be in London, Tokyo or Manila but a lot of fans believe that America is going to be the set for GTA VI.

Until now we only gathered speculations about GTA VI as Rockstar hasn’t yet announced whether they’re even considering or not on working on the next game. So we’re only going to make assumptions on the existence of a GTA VI and we should be a little skeptical about all the rumors that have lately circulated on the internet.

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