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GTA 5 Motor Wars Tips and Tricks Guide


Rockstar has launched a GTA V Motor Wars mode in their online part of the game and it’s crazy. It lets you join one of the four teams and battle against the other three in order to be the last standing team in the battlefield.

This is a guide on how to use the best tactics in your games if you are a beginner. You can choose from a lot of vehicles and weapons that exist in the San Andreas map, and the map will continuously shrink in order to force the teams face each other for the final big fight.

The Guide to GTA 5 Motor Wars Gameplay

Every game has a rule and so does this one. The game starts with you jumping from a helicopter, landing with a parachute. As soon as you land you have to find some weapons and vehicles to defend yourself. The map continues to shrink in the process. There’s a white circle placed at the top of your screen to show you the time left until the next shrinking; you will hear a ticking noise 10 seconds before that. If you don’t watch the mini map to see if you’re in the safe area, you’ll have a few seconds to move out of there or you’ll die.

Other rules include having a team mate being alive in order for your team to be victorious, so in the end the one who survives longer will be the winner.

Tips and Tricks for GTA 5 Motor Wars

Since the winning team is the one who gets the most powerful vehicle and weapon, we suggest you parachute in a dense area and watch the mini map for locations near houses to spot all those intimidating vehicles.

You will see your enemy in a vehicle if the mini map shows the vehicle colored with the matching enemy team color. This means that in a vehicle you’re easy to spot, while on foot it’s more difficult.

Other tricks include the following:

  1. Open your parachute later so you can land faster.
  2. Vehicles have weapon attached to them so browse and use them.
  3. When you find a vehicle with a turret, take a team mate with you, as it needs one person to use it and one to drive the car.
  4. If you want to go on foot, search for the weapon icons on the mini map in order to protect yourself from incoming attacks.
  5. When you’re close to another team mate, survivability is higher.

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