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Google Chrome Update Addressing A Major Security Vulnerability


Google Chrome users are advised to get full update of their browser after the release of a major security fix. This was due to a security breach that was discovered which was targeting Gmail accounts. Accordingly, Google Chrome was found to have become vulnerable to some serious phishing scams.

How Victims Are Tricked

Basically, the perpetrators would trick Chrome and Gmail users to click on a fake login that would allow personal data to be stolen. Victims became target through an email directed to their Gmail accounts. Such would include attachments or images, and might even be coming from a company or a contact that you recognized.

As a result, it would open a new tab showing a Gmail login page mimicked from the genuine page, asking users to sign in one more time. The unsuspecting victims would then login into a portal for hackers that would steal the email address and password information, which would provide full access to their account.

Avoiding This From Happening To You

Google Chrome users need to ensure that the browser they are using is fully up-to-date. This would help them to fend off possible attacks on their personal computers. Here are steps that you can follow to check if you have the latest version of Chrome.

  • Open Chrome from your computer by clicking the shortcut to the icon on your desktop.
  • You may notice the Menu tab represented by 3 dots. Click on it and a popup menu would appear. Click on the Help tab and go to About Google Chrome.
  • Upon clicking that, you would be brought to a page detailing more information about the browser.
  • If you can see ‘Update Google Chrome’ tab on the page, then you need to click it to update your version of Chrome. However, the page would indicate if otherwise.
  • Simply relaunch the app by closing the page and reopening it as you did in the first step.

Google has fixed this threat by releasing a new Chrome update. Moreover, when viewing a data URL, you can now determine if the site you are accessing is secure or not. Thus, it can prevent a particular phishing technique.

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