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From TubeMate to VidMate: Why Make the Switch


Both apps enable users to save and download their favorite songs and videos from their go-to streaming sites like YouTube. But if it comes down to making a choice between the two, general consensus points to VidMate as an obvious winner.

So, why make the switch from TubeMate to VidMate?

Three Reasons Why

A cursory glance at opinions of tech experts, forum users, and reviewers online reveal three main points why VidMate is winning over TubeMate:

  1. Speed
  2. Functionality
  3. Versatility

Speed is everything in today’s world. And VidMate delivers when it was able to download a sizeable file in the shortest span of time compared to TubeMate and one other downloader. This is per a “speed test” conducted by one reviewer.

A faster speed means more videos to download at a lesser time – something that is achievable with VidMate.

The range of features that apps have can make them more enticing to download. While both VidMate and TubeMate primarily enable users to download videos, VidMate takes a step further by offering users a unique chance to watch live TV content from 200+ channels.

Moreover, VidMate converts videos to audio files as part of the downloading process. This is more convenient than TubeMate which requires the installation of an MP3 video converter.

Sometime last year, some users said they weren’t able to save copyrighted music via TubeMate. This sparked some discussion on whether the downloader ran into trouble over protected content. Apparently, TubeMate posted an online notice stating that it has removed the functionality that enables users to download copyrighted content like music.

While it was unfortunate that TubeMate has these issues, the removal of such features renders the app pretty useless next to VidMate. With its speed and functionality, VidMate has more to offer to its users who want more freedom and versatility in their downloads.

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