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Download Google Maps Update and Explore Space with its Planets


Google Maps has added a new feature: it allows users to explore the Solar System. Those who are curious enough to understand the mysteries of the universe can now explore planets, moon or the International Space Station.

Zoom in on the planets and learn about their surface

The new feature added by Google has been created with the help of the famous Cassini spacecraft. The spacecraft spent over 20 years in space and over the summer it burned up while in Saturn’s atmosphere. Cassini has sent over the years vast amounts of images, information and many videos of planets and their moon.

Almost a half million pictures were sent to scientists, making it possible for them to learn more and reconstruct these unexplored worlds. Google announced the new feature for Google Maps announcing that everyone can now access images of planets and moons for free from their computer.

This is an extraordinary opportunity not only for scientists but also for the future generations. Enthusiasts can scan the moon’s craters, the methane lakes of Saturn’s largest room: Titan, search for different locations in space and learn about their surfaces. The feature also allows for the 3D images to rotate, allowing the user to see where the sun is hitting at that particular time and what is there on the dark side.

Learn about Mars

Google Map users cannot perform location search in space, but they can zoom in on the planets or the moons and find out more about the different locations presented. For example, when users zoom in on Mars, it is possible to click on different regions and learn more about their features. Everything you dreamed about to know about space is just a click away.

It is definitely one of the most impressive features of Google Maps so far.

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