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Clash Royale 2v2 Advice For Passionate Players


Clash Royale fans should be happy to know that Clan Battles is coming their way. This is a special PVP mode that puts players in a 2v2 scenario. Clan Battles is considered as being a fan favorite since its very fun to play. However, Clan Battles isn’t intended to be a permanent game mode and it is available once every two weeks.

The game mode first arrived alongside the major March update which was released in order to celebrate Clash Royale’s one year anniversary. The March update included a bunch of new game modes and features such as new league system and cards. Nonetheless, we have rounded up the two most essential tips and tricks that will help players win their 2v2 brawls.


The reason why Clan Battles is regarded as the most fun game mode is because it can get very chaotic with double troops and elixirs. Many players tend to just throw all of their elixirs and cards right from the start of the round and this is never ends up well. This is where strategy comes into play. Clash Royale players should always think twice before making a move and communicate their attack plan with their partner.

Special Units

Battle decks are filled with special cards and using them correctly can be quite tricky. Right now we will present a couple of tips on how to use some of the game’s most important units. For example, players can keep pressuring their opponents with spawners such as the Furnace, Tombstone and Goblin Hut.

The best tip that we can give Clan Battles players is to always bring a miner. The special unit is able to take out important enemy cards such as Elixir collectors and even Princesses. Using a miner at the right time will definitely tip the game’s scale.

Last but not least, we advise players to do not overextend. As previously mentioned, the game has doubled the amount of elixirs but this doesn’t mean that all of them should be used at the same time. Additionally, always make sure to attack both lanes and to not focus all the firepower in one lane.

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