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Clash of Clans to Receive a Major Update With Latest Insights


In August, Clash of Clans will celebrate 5 years since it was released for iOS and two months after 4 years since it was launched for Android OS. Not many have thought that a game can withstand so much in the top most popular ones, but Supercell has demonstrated that it knows very well how to keep the players entertained.

According to reports, Supercell will release a new major update for Clash of Clans, which will surely lure some of the older players back to the game. One of the rumors claims that the Clash of Clans will receive a shipwreck feature that will allow you to rebuild a ship and use it to raid other villages.

There are also some rumors claiming that the developer wants to bring multiple villages feature to the game. This means that you will be allowed to own more than one village, which is pretty nice, as it is quite annoying sometime that you have to wait and not do nothing until your troops are trained to send them to another battle.

Unfortunately, it is not sure yet how many villages you will be able to own, but we think that a maximum of three will be enough. The idea to bring multiple villages feature is pretty good, as the company will also boost its revenues, as the players will purchase gems to develop their alternative villages.

The bad news is that Supercell has not confirmed any of these rumors and we’re not sure yet what to think about this “major update.” Hopefully, the developing company will come with some official news regarding this upcoming update sometime in the near future.

If the rumors will prove to be right and if Supercell will truly release the two mentioned features on Clash of Clans this month, then they will be forced to come with some even better features and options in August or October 2017.

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