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Clash of Clans New Tease Video Released By Supercell


Any Clash of Clans is waiting for a new major update that will be released for their favorite game. As expected, Supercell has already started uploading teasing videos about this upcoming update, which is expected to bring shipyard feature to the game.

However, before we talk more about this major update, let’s take a look at the second ship teasing video that Supercell has just released:

In the video we saw again the boat floating over the sea, going to an unknown location. We remind you that some previous rumors were suggesting that the shipyard feature will allow you to just change villages (yes, you will be able to have a second village in Clash of Clans soon).

However, there are also some new reports, which are suggesting that the new major update will bring “naval” battles to the Clash of Clans game. This will surely be something very interesting, but it is not sure how that will actually work.

We think that Supercell plans to reveal more information about this upcoming feature in the next teasing videos that it will most likely upload in next few days. The new major update will most likely come with a balance patch, as the developers want to boost some of the “unused” troops.

However, we have some bad news, as according to reports, Town Hall level 12 and 13 are not coming to this major update, but some new levels for other buildings are expected to be added. The developers have not mentioned anything about the release date of this major update, but rumors are suggesting that it will arrive next week.

Are you playing Clash of Clans on your smartphone? Tell us what other new features you would like to see being added to this game!

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