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Bringing Fallout to Minecraft 101 – New Skins and Features


The developers of Minecraft: Pocket Edition keep doing a great job, and bring lots of skins and texture packs consistently. Now we get one of the best updates ever: the world from Fallout, made by Bethesda, inside Minecraft! And everybody agrees that this is an exciting update.

What’s More?

Well, the update brings a slew of interesting things! It is called the Fallout Mash-Up Pack and it is a celebration for the classic series, represented by an overhaul of the game texture. This means that you will no longer see green hills and pastures, but instead you will enjoy a brown, irradiated landscape. Just like you would expect, all mobs went through some weird mutations, and the cows, ghouls and scorpions you will see will be two-headed, giant or simply weird. Even the llamas would be affected.

New Skins for You to Enjoy

Naturally, the update comes together with an interesting pack of skins that are familiar to you. They are taken right from the video games, even from the popular Fallout Vault Boy. Moreover, the soundtrack included in the update is made up of music from the entire series, so you will also be familiar with that if you’re an avid Fallout player.

You can find the Fallout Mash-Up Pack in the Store, and you have to pay $5.99 for it. Truth be told, it’s a great texture pack, especially for players who are excited to build adventure maps. However, some fans were disappointed with the price, saying that it’s too high. Indeed, the entire game costs almost $6, while the latest pack costs $5.

Even so, it’s not just a texture pack, since it also offers new skins and maps. But there are yet people who claim that they wouldn’t pay for this, especially since it only brings the old Fallout look, not something completely new.

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