Numerous reports are surfacing in the mainstream media that Obama is giving a speech to America’s students that will somehow brainwash/indoctrinate/cast magical spells over them.

Why? Because the lesson plan asks the kids to think about what the President means by his speech. Basically, the White House is posing completely open ended questions designed to make kids think for themselves.

But hey, take a look for yourself at how shockingly socialist/communist/radical it is. Joseph Goebbels couldn’t have written a better one…

Obama’s Address to Students Across America September 8, 2009 Menu of Classroom Activities PreK-6

Folks, I genuinely can not understand the mindset that would read that lesson plan and come to the conclusion that’s being spread across the media.

And to that point, here’s the response from the chairman of the Republican party in Florida…

“The address scheduled for September 8, 2009, does not allow for healthy debate on the President’s agenda, but rather obligates the youngest children in our public school system to agree with our President’s initiatives or be ostracized by their teachers and classmates.”

Do note that the quote is from a story that’s on the front page of Yahoo titled, “Parents angry at Obama.” That’s how far this story has spread.

And, again, I ask angry for what? Asking kids to think for themselves? Asking them to interpret what somebody means after they give a speech? Trying to turn a speech into a teaching moment instead of just another “Shut up and listen” assembly?

Seriously, what in the hell is wrong with these people?

  • Alistair


    What does Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Paul Robson and President Obama have in common, they we both activise but were accuse from the right as being a communist & a socialist.

  • gerryf

    So, let me get this straight…Fox News is complaining that Obama is politicizing a talk to students after supporting an administration that politicized everything…..


  • Mike A

    This type of vein-popping overreaction from the right will only drive voters to the center. Considering the left appears ineffectual even while holding all the cards, they will do the same. The trends of people leaving the traditional parties will continue.

  • kranky kritter

    Agree 100% Justin, Well put, Mike. ‘vein-popping overeaction” says it all.

    Bottom line, if you don’t trust your children’s minds in the hands of educators, most instructional material can be spun as indoctrination.

    As someone with 15 years of experience creating instructional material for middle school and high school, I can say with 100% certainty that the content shown is simple, sound, and fosters independent critical thinking. Obviously, since it’s open-ended, it could be quite easily be abused by any determined indoctrinator. But that will always be the case, as the teacher is the one who guides the discussion.

    If students are to become sound independent critical-thinking adults, they need to establish the habit of asking the right questions about the messages other people are trying to sell them. Habits are formed by repetition. These are good exercises.

    I’d REALLY like to ask folks with kids to please consider the utter maelstrom of messages their growing children will encounter as they grow to adulthood. Do you want your kids to accept all these social, political, and philosophical sales pitches at face value? Or do you want them to have developed the tools to figure out what’s going on with each messenger and the half of the story they are shopping.

    I am explicitly suggesting to all parents out there that there is NO good substitute for teaching the American children of the 21st century to be active editors of all the BS that folks will try to ram down their gullets. None.

    Notice how easily the format of the content shown above could be adapted to say a television commercial or a video of someone trying to sell a car.

  • Alistair

    Mike A Says:

    This is why the GOP is going down the tubes with their extreme views and behavior by making this an issue.

  • Mike A

    “I am explicitly suggesting to all parents out there that there is NO good substitute for teaching the American children of the 21st century to be active editors of all the BS that folks will try to ram down their gullets. None.”

    I believe that the there will be two challenges the future generations will need to overcome. First is being able to focus on tasks that require a long attention span (I have two teenagers). Second will be the ability to intelligently sort through the overwhelming amount of information they will have access to. This will require high levels of critical thinking, and considering the exponential growth of the amount of information available, potentially different than our methods.

  • Chris

    I’m really getting sick of their over-reactions now. I don’t see how they don’t get physically exhausted from all their mock outrage.

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  • David

    One of my right-wing reactionary friends insisted to me that this speech was somehow different than the one given by GHW Bush in ’91. That was the point at which I left the conversation, so I don’t know why she thought it was different.

    Now, though, it is different. This speech will be available to parents before their children hear it, so they can prepare those children for what they will hear, or, t they want them to grow up to not listen to authority, they can keep them home from school that day (I actually know parents who are planning to do this, even though in my district, they are allowing parents to opt their child out of the speech).

    That’s right. This one’s different because this President is going to greater lengths to reach out to parents to calm their fears and reassure them. And still the right of right are freaking out, because they can’t think of any non-nefarious reason for that evil man to talk to their children.

    I can think of one reason that makes more sense than any other for the President to speak to children on Tuesday. It’s a warmup and practice for the speech he’ll be giving to the children on Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

  • Mike A.

    What ever happened to talking to your kids, discuss what your family principals are and having an exchange of thoughts in the home? If the kids can’t engage in this type of dialog, I doubt the president’s marxist message will have much impact.

  • Mike A.

    I may not have been clear in my last post. What I meant to say is parents should encourage their children to listen to the president, think about his message and discuss how it fits with their own values and beliefs. Sticking their child’s head in the sand benefits nobody, particularly the child, and it leads to the lack of critical thought our country needs.

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