More trend lines from, and it looks like McCain will be able to hold onto this state barely.

Here’s Chuck Todd’s take…

Has this state really slipped into the toss-up category? Possibly. A few years ago, I asked a smart Democratic demographer which states could become competitive if the party could maximize voter registration and turnout among African-Americans. This demographer pointed to three states: Georgia, Louisiana (pre-Katrina) and Mississippi. So we’ll see.

Still…could this be the surprise of the night?

  • mike mcEachran

    Maybe – or on Wednesday we might be talking about the “Obama Effect”. McCain hopes the polls are wrong. I think they are, too, but not the same way.

  • Reid

    2 million people have already voted in Georgia. There’s 1.5 million more registered voters in the state than in 2006. Turnout may be fully 50% higher than it was in 2004 (3.25 million). Living here, it sure feels like there could be an unexpected result on Tuesday.