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During an MSNBC interview Wednesday, Rep. Ron Paul was asked if he would run for president as a third-party candidate. Paul replied, “No, I don’t plan to run in a third party. That’s not my goal. But if we have a candidate that loves the war and loves the neocon position of promoting–“ Interviewer Norah O’Donnell cut Paul off at that point, and did not return to the topic during the rest of the interview.

Unless Paul can pull of an amazing feat of political maneuvering, the GOP will most likely nominate somebody who at least is in favor of war and Bush’s neo-con agenda. Look at the front runners…Giuliani, Romney…hell, even Thompson hasn’t give any clear signs that he wouldn’t continue the WoT the way Bush has laid it out. McCain may be the only one who has said unkind things about Bush’s agenda, but he’s not gonna get it.

So there ya go Ron Paul fans. I know you told me how he would NEVER run as a 3rd party candidate, but he may have other ideas.



  1. He’ll probably run 3rd party if he does well in the primaries, but doesn’t win. If he bombs the primaries I believe him that he probably won’t run. He’s said the same thing basically before by saying he was 99% sure he wouldn’t be running 3rd party, but would consider it if there existed enough support.

  2. Yea. Norah O’Donnell isn’t too bright to let that message slip through her fingers. Her action tells me she lacks the instincts to properly do her job. Since she did it with Ron Paul, however, there will probably be no consequences for her.

    Justin, I wouldn’t be too quick to put words in his mouth just yet. I’m not sure if Dr. Paul himself has said he would not run on a 3rd party ticket. If he did, I believe him. (Never thought I would say that about ANY politician.) The rest of his sentence may have been something more on the order of either not supporting the Party candidate, or giving his endorsement to someone else whose beliefs are closer to his.

    One thing is sure. Within a couple days, someone is sure to ask him to finish his thought, & then we will know what he started to say.

    Off topic, but . . . I hope all the bugs are out of your system, & your server’s system. After mounting problems beginning late last week, I ended up wiping my hard drive & starting over myself. Wish I could afford the security & firewalls some of your readers have been discussing. As you well know, going through all that is a royal PITA. Good Luck.

  3. I think he says that because if he does say that he would run it instantly makes him less credible. His answer needs to be more positive, such as, no, my goal to win the GOP nomination. With the 60,000 meetups, 75,000 myspacers, tens of thousands of facebookers and students and people everywhere supporting Ron Paul, I think the others have to be worried. There’s no other “public” support like this for the other candidates.

  4. I will vote for Ron Paul no matter what he is running as. I am voting for the person that believes what I believe in. I want our troops home, and I know most of the military and their families want the same, two-thirds of our nation all together. I am tired of giving our tax payer dollars to fund a war in order to bulk up the wallets of Haliburton and their employees and the likes. I am Ex-military, I got out of the military back in the late 80’s with an honorable discharge. I served my country, but I served a different country then.

    Our Country has turned into a bunch of Warmongering idiots, and Social Programmers. I am sick of taxes, I am sick of illegal immigrants, I am sick of the lies our government tells us. We need to make changes, and I know Ron Paul is the only Candidate running for President that will come close to what the American public wants and needs. Smaller Government, Securing our borders, and most importantly our Liberty. What the neo-Conservative Republicans do not realize is that this Great Nation (America, the home of the Free and the Brave) of ours has EVOLVED, and we want our Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness back.

    I am fed up with the current administration, and see the Hillary’s and the Giuliani’s of this world as another way to increase our Social Programs and continue this unnecessary Empire Building that the Bush Administration has been doing to our Country. I am not happy with the way our government has handled any of our foreign affairs since Bush has taken office.

  5. Just from watching the video once, I came away with the impression that the statement you quoted was more in response to the question of whether or not he would support the GOP nominee. It’s pretty obvious that he wouldn’t, and I’d say a good deal of the support that he has will melt away as well rather than transfer to any other candidate. I know there’s no way I even remotely consider supporting one of the other candidates (Republican or Democrat).

    That’s the second interview that I’ve seen in the past couple of days (the first being with Hannity) in which he’s been grilled about whether he would support any of the other republican candidates if they won the nomination. I’m not super politically involved, but I don’t see why it is such a big deal, or why they would even act slightly shocked that he wouldn’t support them.

  6. I’ve been saying for weeks that he’s keeping the option open to run 3rd party — he uttered the classic “I have no plans… I have no intention to…” and he has said that in at least half a dozen interviews I have seen with him in the last couple of weeks. I don’t rule it out for a second, and frankly, I would relish it. Think of all the cash he has — Ron Paul is the bomb. Speaking of cash and bombs, have you guys heard of the Ron Paul Money Bomb? It’s this Saturday from 1-2 PM your own time zone. BTW, I’ve been a Republican since I was 18 and first voted in 1992 and only voted 3rd party once, in 1996. It would feel great to vote third party on principle again. I am seriously considering leaving the GOP if it doesn’t get its act together and nominate a real conservative.

  7. What gets me is when they ask him if he will support the G.O.P. candidate if he does not get the nomination and then act suprised when he says he won’t if that candidate does not support his views.


    Let’s see here…. Do I blindly follow the nominee and his policies that I don’t believe in just because he has an (R) in front of his name….. or … do I support the person who’s views most closely match my own and vote accordingly……

    I’m thinking if Americans did more of the latter and less of the former we would be a lot better off.

    God bless Congressman Paul. Good luck, sir!

  8. GOP be warned!!!
    Ron Paul as an independent will force the White House to Clinton. There are enough Ron Paul supporters to destroy the GOP chance of winning.

    Nominate Ron Paul. He will bring balance to the party.

  9. Good! Given the treatment and name calling he’s endured; if he doesn’t get the GOP nod, because my party was brain dead, I’d love to have a Dr. to vote for come Nov 08. Then I could really stick it to my party who’s become no different then the lousy DNC. Us fiscal and Constitutional Conservatives are pissed off and will be hell bent to screw the GOP any way possible and at any level. Remember there are other alternatives. Can you say betrayal? Look in the mirror GOP! Get ready to get slaughtered at every level come 08 if you keep the treatment up to this man of honor and courage. Keep having Giuliani snicker and laugh at him, keep having the lapdogs at Fox attack him. This time I will go to the booth and won’t vote for the lesser of two evils at any level, State or Federal. Oh and come on big bad guy Giuliani have some balls and keep attacking Paul! Don’t chicken shit out like the last 3 debates. I notice you didn’t have the balls to get your ass kicked again and get another reading assignment!

  10. Wait a minute, the GOP will nominate somebody? I thought it was determined by the people who vote in the GOP primary election. Whoever decides to vote in the primary for Ron Paul will be the force behind his nomination. (unless of course the diebold people pull another fast one) People from all political persuasions are going to head for the polls this year to vote for Ron. The notion that the big wigs in the GOP decide the nominee is in fact partly true because of the media monopoly and all the bucks they have in promotion, but in the end, it is the results of the election that determine who is nominated. At least that’s what I thought was supposed to happen. The notion that the media blitz represents the will of the people is no longer tenable. Ron Paul may not win, but that will be because of the people’s decision, not what the power brokers of the GOP think fits their image best.

  11. I have been voting Republican for 40 years and have seen the party merged with the collectivist, socialist and Neo-cons (that are just the aforementioned in another cloth) and had given up on the party that turned coat (according to the dictates of Lenin (two parties who appear to be opposed but accomplish the same adgenda). Ron Paul, I’m with you if you run under ANY NAME. You are like the Republicans my Dad loved and I want to see them back, no matter the tag. Small government, True monetary system (not “dishonest money” that we now have), Liberty, Freedom and – I love it – TRY PEACE

  12. In a recent interview Ron Paul said that supporting a Republican candidate who did not agree with his views would “nullify everything I’ve stood for for 30 years”. I don’t think he could be more clear.

    But watch out. Both the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party are likely to nominate Ron Paul even without his consent. That means he will be on the ballot in the general election, because the Libertarian Party has achieved ballot access in all 50 states and the Constitution Party has ballot access in about 40 states. If he also was on the ballot as the Republican nominee his name would appear three times. That could be formidable.

  13. I’ve been voting Republican for 40 years and hate that the party has turned coat to become diciples of The Lenin Principle – having two parties who look opposed, but accomplish the same adgenda. I’m ashamed of the men who call themselves men in D.C. and cater to the whims of the rich and powerful. You who do are spineless and shamful. I will vote for Ron Paul no matter the tag beside his name. He is probably our last hope this side of Tyrrany. Keep up the good work Ron and you are in my prayers for safety and success. We need the old Republican Guard back in action and priciple – no matter the tag. Small government, honest monetary system, accountability, no income tax and integrity. Maybe if you get in Ron, some of the spineless will take courage and follow reason and conscience. Thomas Paine said it best (I paraphrase because I’m too lazy to go look it up) “Ignorance follows most anyone – Reason follows itself”

    I think Norah did an ok job – besides, she’s cute :-)

  14. Good. Maybe he can help kickstart the reform party into something viable. I’ve never voted democrat, but can no longer hold my nose and vote for republicans based solely on lip service.

  15. He was asked if he’d support a 3rd party candidate if he didn’t get the nomination. Paul began answering the question and then realized that he had misunderstood what she was asking. He appears to be answering two questions here, and the proximity of the answers does not constitute a correlation.

  16. This 2008 Presidential Cycle may be a perfect storm for a third party candidate. Having worked for many “Populist” candidates over the Cycles, you look for the “bump” of compelling issues. Historically, for a third party to win, they need a wedge issue or issues. After Bush pushes through his war against Iran (supported by Rudy and Hillary), and gas goes over $4 or $5, and then the economy tanks, plus high KIAs (Killed In Action) in Iraq and elsewhere due to the Iranian attack, plus the continuing loss of Constitutional Freedoms — this may create the perfect storm. The voters may be over their heads — and will “send a message” and thus a third party candidate could win.

    The other factor is that both Rudy and Hillary have so much out there that will make for significant anti commercials against each other. Thus no one will like either, and if the third party candidate can talk issues that matter (which Rudy and Hillary cannot because they have taken money from the special interest groups related to those causing the national problems), then more points in the polls could make it close.

    The problem is that Paul is the only national candidate who speaks up for the Constitution, and against the war; if, after loosing the primaries, he does not run, there is no one else out there. With the Constitution hanging by a thread, let us pray that God will raise up noble spirits to save her, like as He did unto raising up our Founding Fathers to establsih her. The Spirit of The Lord seems to be brooding over the hearts of many towards this.

  17. The attack articles are beginning to emerge. My Google News this morning is full of “Neo-Nazi’s Support Paul”, “Paul’s Racist Congressional Newsletter”, and “Paul’s Wrong for the Presidency”. Amusing. It’s also an indication that the establishment Republican candidates realize they’ve painted themselves into a corner with their support of the Iraq conflict and that their tactic of “ignore Paul” is failing. Now they have to switch tactics and go negative. Rejoice, because this is a clear indication that Dr. Paul’s campaign is clearly succeeding! :)

  18. Paul is not seeking it at all, but it will seek him, after the repubs nominate a sure loser. Now, if he does run I would not gaurantee a Clinton win, but I do gauranty a repub loss. It would be great for the country to have a three way race with Guiliani,Clinton,Paul. A time foo introspection into everyman, Di I want Socialism, Authoritarianism, or can I handle the responsibility of freedom.

  19. Don’t you love it when immature little losers snicker while you talk, as some kind of dumb subliminal message?

    I do not want another third grader in the Oval Office.

    Down with Ghouliani. Vote Ron Paul!

  20. It may come down to a write-in campaign at the voting booths if the GOP decides to throw the election (ie, not nominate Paul). If America has enough guts to grasp the country back from the Oligarchs, write-ins may be the only hope. Forget about the 3rd party bids, all the time and money raised will be wasted on getting on ballots.

  21. Dr. Paul will not 3rd party (nor independent either) He has said so, quite plainly, and the reasons he has given are the most sound.

    It’s a waste of time, the game is rigged against all but the democrats and republicans.

    Been there, done that, got the campaign T-shirt to prove it.

    The GOP better dilate their sphincters, and download their heads, or else they can start practicing to say “yes, Madam President.”

    Ron Paul or Hillary – the choice is their’s

  22. It will also depend on the money raised this quarter, and maybe who wins the GOP and democrat nomination. If it is Giuliani Clinton, I hope he goes third party.

    I had been opposed to this, since there are real difficulties with third party candidates, and losing 3rd party coalitions are difficult to hold together (look at the old reform party started by Perot) But given the way things are going, and the possibilities that exist, It just may be timmmme for another shot at these difficult goals. But yes, if there is money there, and if He does well in the primaries, I now believe he should go third party.

  23. Ron Paul is winning!

    I am in Seattle and I only see Ron Paul supporters active here. I have seen numerous signs for Ron Paul and his Hope for America message, compared to a sum total of 0 for all the other democratic and republican candidates combined.

    Last night I attended a straw poll in Lakewood, Washington at the South Sound Ronald Reagan Club which Ron Paul has now won three months in a row with steadily increasing margins. Ron Paul supporters who are reading this, get on with your local RP group find out where the straw polls in your area are and starting casting ballots for Ron Paul send a message to the Republican leadership. And start knocking on doors, talk to your neighbors, family, and friends, let’s get the regular people out there voting; let them know there’s actually a candidate with integrity running for office and those non-voters might show up and cast a ballot on election day. Keep the momentum going I saw RP supporters out there several times before I finally googled the guy and found out why all these regular people were out on the street on their own time for him.

    If you’d have told me last year that a candidate for President would say on television that the federal reserve is unconstitutional I would have laughed in your face but look what happened it’s amazing that this man has the balls to take on the banking establishment, he better watch his behind if he gets elected the only other three presidents who did that got assassinated (side note this may sound grim but let’s make sure he picks a good running mate too, unlike JFK).

    Anyway we need to ramp up the campaign now in the next few weeks before the holidays so get out there and do something in your community.

  24. As I have stated before Ron Paul will absolutely not run 3rd Party. Been there done that and his presence was about as significant as a popcorn fart in a hurricane. The American mindset does not consider them legitimate. There is also the issue of the expensive scramble of getting on the ballot in the states that make it very difficult for 3rd parties. In addition, Texas law allows him to run for both the office of President and for reelection to his congressional seat simultaneously and he is doing so. Why muddy that up with a third-party run when regardless of the whether he receives the nomination, we the hard-headed Paul faithful will probably write him in anyway. Awful lot of work for little reward when he is almost assured of returning to congress when his presidential bid doesn’t pan out.

  25. All of these Ron Paul posts are starting to smell of “traffic lust”, Justin, you dirty, naughty little capitalist you. Why don’t you just put some good ole’ fashion porn up?

  26. I personally would prefer that Ron Paul run third party than for his good name and sterling reputation to be used to salvage the rotted out, steaming hulk of what’s left of the Grand Old Party.

    The Republican party deserves to die a slow and painful death. And George Bush should go down in history as the President who killed it.

    PS, I used to be a Republican.

  27. I’m hoping for a Ron Paul fusion ticket with Ron Paul as the nominee of the Libertarian, Constitution, and Reform parties. That would rock!

    It could happen and here’s some evidence to back me up:

    Libertarian Party

    Constitution Party

    Reform Party

  28. Ok so, lots of us frustrated republicans and democrats are not voting for a party anyway. We are voting for a man and his ideas. I for one would support him if he was running in any party. I am a republican but the republican party has abandoned me and it’s own values.

    This is not about party, this is about America and the direction it is going in. I hope Ron Paul wins the republican nomination, but if he doesn’t and he breaks away to another party I will still vote for him no matter.

    So what if he spoils the republican party, they deserve it for abandoning their principles and ‘we the people’. If they don’t let Ron Paul save them and put them back on track they should rot in hell for all I care.

    I support Ron Paul. I am a registered republican of more than 25 years and I am pissed. America is pissed and I don’t think it really matters to anyone at this point what party you are in. This is about voting for the kind of people that are going to do the best they can to represent you. People like Ron Paul.

    The current republican and democratic parties have ignored the people’s voices for long enough. It is time to vote the bums out. A full scale house cleaning is in order at all levels this election cycle. Those who claim to represent us better wake up if they don’t want to be thrown out with the trash. We better start hearing real debate. We better start seeing members of our house and senate abiding by their oaths of office. We better start seeing real action NOW or their party, any party, is over.

    Get off of your couch and VOTE. Not just for Ron Paul but for those at all levels of governemnt who abide by their oath to us and to the constitution.

  29. All of these Ron Paul posts are starting to smell of “traffic lust”, Justin, you dirty, naughty little capitalist you. Why don’t you just put some good ole’ fashion porn up?

    You forgetting where you are in the blogosphere Dos? Paul is the only candidate who could credibly mount a 3rd party (independent) bid and actually have a different platform than the GOP or the Dems.

    And so, I write about him because writing about the other candidates before December is boring and tedious. Oh, Hillary is accusing Obama of ______ or Giuliani is attacking Hillary in an ad in New Hampshire. Again, borrrrrring.

    Give me a Ron Paul story any day of the week. Reminds me of the Dean days, except Paul may actually have more of a shot than Dean to make an impact.

  30. HE very well might run 3rd party, but it isn’t good strategy to get himself kicked out of the republican debates/race etc. It is inexpensive media exposure to keep getting in the debates. If he hadn’t taken advantage of it then he would be at 7% in new hampshire right now…he’ll be at higher than 10% in NH by the end of November…so if he can spread the anti-CFR message for the next few months and anyoen who understands teh CFR will vote for ron paul whent eh time comes, the key is getting the message out any way possible.

  31. Revisit this after Feb 5. Way too early to speculate right now. I have my own theories too, and have hinted at them elsewhere in the past. But like Dumbleodre being gay, those theories will stay in the closet until the time is right to bring them out.