Today’s the day in Kansas when voters go to the polls and vote on the State Board of Education members. Will they vote the creationists out?

Well, the NY Times wrote today about how a bi-partisan group of evolutionists are mounting an offensive to the inclusion of creationism:

Less than a year after a conservative Republican majority on the State Board of Education adopted rules for teaching science containing one of the broadest challenges in the nation to Darwin’s theory of evolution, moderate Republicans and Democrats are mounting a fierce counterattack. They want to retake power and switch the standards back to what they call conventional science.

Even if they don’t get voted out, some heavy hitters are coming to Kansas to debate the issue. Namely the author of The Selfish Gene, Sir Richard Dawkins, will be coming to the University of Kansas this fall to debate the intelligent design crowd.

From the Lawrence Journal-World:

KU this fall will kick off “Knowledge: Faith & Reason,� a lecture series featuring some of the key players in the evolution and intelligent design debate.

So far, the list of guests is one-sided, according to one critic, because there is only one clear intelligent design proponent.

The series will include lectures from Kenneth Miller, a Brown University biology professor who testified against intelligent design in last year’s Dover, Pa., trial, and John E. Jones III, the judge in the Dover case who in his ruling issued a pointed criticism of the intelligent design movement.

The series also will feature Os Guinness, theologian; Richard Dawkins, Oxford University evolutionary biologist and author; and Eugenie Scott, head of the National Center for Science Education.

Let’s hope that they get some more intelligent design people to come and talk so they won’t cry foul.


  1. I’m predicting the so-called “conservative” majority gets the boot. Not because of anything to do with teaching intelligent design — that is going to be taught in the rural areas whether some progressive educationalist in Topeka, Lawrence or Johnson County wants it to or not.

    Rinky-dink the science standards all you want, it doesn’t really matter when USD 501 graduates kids that can’t read. Good luck pushing your godless monkey-man theory off on the German Catholics & Synod Lutherans — you’ll have to be satisfied with the easier urban public school victims.

    Anyway, the reason these idiots will be voted out is because they hired an incompetent as the Commissioner of Education, Bob Corkin when given a great conservative alternative with a lifetime of experience in education — only to have to turn around and HIRE him to tutor Corkin in the transition.

    Corkin has been a blundering cluster fuck since day 1. If these are conservatives…I’ll take whatevers behind door #2. Steve Abrams is a good, conservative man, but this was much more a media created “majority” of “conservatives”, than it was a true coalition of like-minded individuals with similar educational and philosophical views. Abrams, the supposed leader, was stuck herding cats. And in the head, he couldn’t.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish — if liberals are elected into the majority, Kansas tax-payers can expect the sweeting lov’in to start in earnest and don’t even try to complain about it, because the KS Supreme Court is officially in the school appropriations business and they’ll decide how much lov’in you’ll be putting out.

    What Is Wrong with Kansas, exactly.