Kinetic Energy Anti-Satellite

(In follow-up to the previous post.) This is what you get when R & D is driven by military interests.

The Kinetic Energy Anti-Satellite being developed by Boeing is intended to provide the United States the ability to neutralize hostile satellites.

The image was attached to a Foreign Policy Q & A with Lt. Gen. Daniel P. Leaf, vice commander of the Air Force Space Command on weaponizing space: Seven Questions: Space Weapons, Part II

What is the nature of these ‘hostile satellites’ that we would need to ‘neutralize’ them? And why can’t we just send Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland and James Garner to do it?

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  • Mike Koenecke

    “Hostile satellites” = satellites designed to destroy other satellites, namely those which are used for communications and location. Consider how heavily we rely on GPS and satellite communications, and how our military could be crippled if these services were taken out by an enemy. No, there’s no evidence others have this capability today, but I for one am glad we have some people in our military who are thinking ahead.

  • Joshua

    I read a different article about space weaponry not long ago. Apparently this is a direct response to China, which is believed to be developing exactly the types of “hostile satellites” that this one is designed to combat.

  • Thomas

    Since when is criticizing military R&D on weapons, that don’t even kill people, without defining a viable counter solution… centrist?

    Holding hands and singing ‘we shall overcome’ is not a viable counter solution btw…

  • Karl Gallagher

    I think “hostile” may also include satellites tracking US forces for enemy intelligence or providing communications between enemy units.

  • Liz Koenecke

    Hey,mike,I think we might be related….NO LIE!!!
    who is your great grandpa????

    WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m tottally FREAKED OUT!!